Holds Cleaning in Brazil

Expurga Guacu Group has a shipping division working on Brazilian ports, providing holds cleaning, de-rusting treatment, touching up painting, under water surveys and hull cleaning, ships repairs,  always respecting restrictions and regulations enforced for each Brazilian port.

Expurga Guacu Group has the most modern and effective equipment and safety apparatus to conduct services here above mentioned and its duly licensed by Santos Dock Company as the unique company available at Santos, duly certified by Santos Dock Authority (CODESP) to conduct such services under limits of Santos Organized Port.

Expurga Guacu Group has the most competitive quotations for all Brazilian territory and Market.


  • Holds cleaning
  • Underwater Surveys
  • Hull cleaning
  • De-rusting
  • Touch up Painting
  • Full set of equipment/apparatus
  • Licensed from dock company and marine authority
  • Most Competitive costs for all brazilian ports
Serviços de Imunização, Controle de Pragas e Inspeção de Cargas

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